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Culture and the Arts Mission Statement

To conserve and enrich the historical and cultural heritage of Las Piñas through the preservation of historical landmarks and artifacts, and the documentation of historical events.

Las Piñas AVP

Las Piñas Historical Corridor

The Las Piñas Historical Corridor Project is a comprehensive tourism development plan grounded on the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage. Republic Act 8003, authored by then Las Piñas Congressman, now Senator, Manny Villar and signed into law by President Fidel V. Ramos on Feburary 22, 1995, identified and mandated the development of the key tourism spots of the city, namely: The Las Piñas Church and the centuries-old Bamboo Organ, Plaza Quezon and Zapote Bridge, Asinan or Irasan (salt-bed), and the Old District Hospital.

World renowned architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa prepared the master plan based on the vision of Senator Villar. The project involves the physical restoration of historical sites, transformation of identified areas to fit into the architectural code, as well as the cultural education and organization of the residents – most specially in the barangays along the corridor: Manuyo I, Daniel Fajardo, Ilaya, E. Aldana, Pulanglupa 1, and Zapote.

The involvement of the residents is a key element in the attainment of the goal of preserving the history and enriching the cultural heritage of Old Town Las Piñas. They are made to appreciate that adherence to the legislated architectural scheme in the area as well as the maintenance of cleanliness and order would rebound back to them in terms of increasing revenues from tourism.

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